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projection.hpp File Reference
#include <opencv2/core.hpp>
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namespace  cv
 "black box" representation of the file storage associated with a file on disk.
namespace  cv::sfm


double cv::sfm::depth (InputArray R, InputArray t, InputArray X)
 Returns the depth of a point transformed by a rigid transform.
void cv::sfm::euclideanToHomogeneous (InputArray src, OutputArray dst)
 Converts points from Euclidean to homogeneous space. E.g., ((x,y)->(x,y,1))
void cv::sfm::homogeneousToEuclidean (InputArray src, OutputArray dst)
 Converts point coordinates from homogeneous to euclidean pixel coordinates. E.g., ((x,y,z)->(x/z, y/z))
void cv::sfm::KRtFromProjection (InputArray P, OutputArray K, OutputArray R, OutputArray t)
 Get K, R and t from projection matrix P, decompose using the RQ decomposition.
void cv::sfm::projectionFromKRt (InputArray K, InputArray R, InputArray t, OutputArray P)
 Get projection matrix P from K, R and t.