OpenCV  4.3.0
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cv::cudev::NormL1< float > Member List

This is the complete list of members for cv::cudev::NormL1< float >, including all inherited members.

mySumcv::cudev::NormL1< float >
NormL1()cv::cudev::NormL1< float >inline
operator result_type() constcv::cudev::NormL1< float >inline
reduceBlock(result_type *smem, uint tid)cv::cudev::NormL1< float >inline
reduceThread(value_type val1, value_type val2)cv::cudev::NormL1< float >inline
reduceWarp(result_type *smem, uint tid)cv::cudev::NormL1< float >inline
result_type typedefcv::cudev::NormL1< float >
value_type typedefcv::cudev::NormL1< float >