OpenCV  4.2.0
Open Source Computer Vision
cv::gapi::ie::Params< Net > Member List

This is the complete list of members for cv::gapi::ie::Params< Net >, including all inherited members.

backend() constcv::gapi::ie::Params< Net >inline
cfgInputLayers(const typename PortCfg< Net >::In &ll)cv::gapi::ie::Params< Net >inline
cfgOutputLayers(const typename PortCfg< Net >::Out &ll)cv::gapi::ie::Params< Net >inline
constInput(const std::string &layer_name, const cv::Mat &data, TraitAs hint=TraitAs::TENSOR)cv::gapi::ie::Params< Net >inline
desccv::gapi::ie::Params< Net >protected
Params(const std::string &model, const std::string &weights, const std::string &device)cv::gapi::ie::Params< Net >inline
params() constcv::gapi::ie::Params< Net >inline
tag() constcv::gapi::ie::Params< Net >inline