OpenCV  4.1.2
Open Source Computer Vision
cv::GCompiled Member List

This is the complete list of members for cv::GCompiled, including all inherited members.

canReshape() constcv::GCompiled
metas() constcv::GCompiled
operator bool() constcv::GCompiledexplicit
operator()(GRunArgs &&ins, GRunArgsP &&outs)cv::GCompiled
operator()(cv::Mat in, cv::Mat &out)cv::GCompiled
operator()(cv::Mat in, cv::Scalar &out)cv::GCompiled
operator()(cv::Mat in1, cv::Mat in2, cv::Mat &out)cv::GCompiled
operator()(cv::Mat in1, cv::Mat in2, cv::Scalar &out)cv::GCompiled
operator()(const std::vector< cv::Mat > &ins, const std::vector< cv::Mat > &outs)cv::GCompiled
outMetas() constcv::GCompiled
reshape(const GMetaArgs &inMetas, const GCompileArgs &args)cv::GCompiled