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cv::V_TypeTraits< ushort > Struct Template Reference

#include "intrin.hpp"

Public Types

enum  { nlanes128 = 8 }
typedef ushort abs_type
typedef short int_type
typedef uint64 q_type
typedef unsigned sum_type
typedef ushort uint_type
typedef ushort value_type
typedef unsigned w_type

Static Public Member Functions

static ushort reinterpret_from_int (int_type x)
static int_type reinterpret_int (ushort x)

Member Typedef Documentation

§ abs_type

§ int_type

typedef short cv::V_TypeTraits< ushort >::int_type

§ q_type

§ sum_type

typedef unsigned cv::V_TypeTraits< ushort >::sum_type

§ uint_type

§ value_type

§ w_type

typedef unsigned cv::V_TypeTraits< ushort >::w_type

Member Enumeration Documentation

§ anonymous enum

anonymous enum

Member Function Documentation

§ reinterpret_from_int()

static ushort cv::V_TypeTraits< ushort >::reinterpret_from_int ( int_type  x)

§ reinterpret_int()

static int_type cv::V_TypeTraits< ushort >::reinterpret_int ( ushort  x)

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