Class HighGui

  • public final class HighGui
    extends java.lang.Object
    This class was designed for use in Java applications to recreate the OpenCV HighGui functionalities.
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      static javax.swing.JFrame createJFrame​(java.lang.String title, int flag)  
      static void destroyAllWindows()  
      static void destroyWindow​(java.lang.String winname)  
      static void imshow​(java.lang.String winname, Mat img)  
      static void moveWindow​(java.lang.String winname, int x, int y)  
      static void namedWindow​(java.lang.String winname)  
      static void namedWindow​(java.lang.String winname, int flag)  
      static void resizeWindow​(java.lang.String winname, int width, int height)  
      static java.awt.Image toBufferedImage​(Mat m)  
      static void waitKey()  
      static int waitKey​(int delay)  
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    • Field Detail

      • n_closed_windows

        public static int n_closed_windows
      • pressedKey

        public static int pressedKey
      • latch

        public static java.util.concurrent.CountDownLatch latch
      • windows

        public static java.util.Map<java.lang.String,​ImageWindow> windows
    • Constructor Detail

      • HighGui

        public HighGui()
    • Method Detail

      • namedWindow

        public static void namedWindow​(java.lang.String winname)
      • namedWindow

        public static void namedWindow​(java.lang.String winname,
                                       int flag)
      • imshow

        public static void imshow​(java.lang.String winname,
                                  Mat img)
      • toBufferedImage

        public static java.awt.Image toBufferedImage​(Mat m)
      • createJFrame

        public static javax.swing.JFrame createJFrame​(java.lang.String title,
                                                      int flag)
      • waitKey

        public static void waitKey()
      • waitKey

        public static int waitKey​(int delay)
      • destroyWindow

        public static void destroyWindow​(java.lang.String winname)
      • destroyAllWindows

        public static void destroyAllWindows()
      • resizeWindow

        public static void resizeWindow​(java.lang.String winname,
                                        int width,
                                        int height)
      • moveWindow

        public static void moveWindow​(java.lang.String winname,
                                      int x,
                                      int y)