OpenCV  3.4.20-dev
Open Source Computer Vision
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types.hpp File Reference
#include <climits>
#include <cfloat>
#include <vector>
#include <limits>
#include "opencv2/core/cvdef.h"
#include "opencv2/core/cvstd.hpp"
#include "opencv2/core/matx.hpp"


class  cv::Complex< _Tp >
 A complex number class. More...
class  cv::DMatch
 Class for matching keypoint descriptors. More...
class  cv::KeyPoint
 Data structure for salient point detectors. More...
class  cv::Moments
 struct returned by cv::moments More...
class  cv::Point3_< _Tp >
 Template class for 3D points specified by its coordinates x, y and z. More...
class  cv::Point_< _Tp >
 Template class for 2D points specified by its coordinates x and y. More...
class  cv::Range
 Template class specifying a continuous subsequence (slice) of a sequence. More...
class  cv::Rect_< _Tp >
 Template class for 2D rectangles. More...
class  cv::RotatedRect
 The class represents rotated (i.e. not up-right) rectangles on a plane. More...
class  cv::Scalar_< _Tp >
 Template class for a 4-element vector derived from Vec. More...
class  cv::Size_< _Tp >
 Template class for specifying the size of an image or rectangle. More...
class  cv::TermCriteria
 The class defining termination criteria for iterative algorithms. More...




typedef Complex< double > cv::Complexd
typedef Complex< float > cv::Complexf
typedef Point2i cv::Point
typedef Point_< double > cv::Point2d
typedef Point_< float > cv::Point2f
typedef Point_< int > cv::Point2i
typedef Point_< int64cv::Point2l
typedef Point3_< double > cv::Point3d
typedef Point3_< float > cv::Point3f
typedef Point3_< int > cv::Point3i
typedef Rect2i cv::Rect
typedef Rect_< double > cv::Rect2d
typedef Rect_< float > cv::Rect2f
typedef Rect_< int > cv::Rect2i
typedef Scalar_< double > cv::Scalar
typedef Size2i cv::Size
typedef Size_< double > cv::Size2d
typedef Size_< float > cv::Size2f
typedef Size_< int > cv::Size2i
typedef Size_< int64cv::Size2l