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motempl.hpp File Reference
#include "opencv2/core.hpp"




double cv::motempl::calcGlobalOrientation (InputArray orientation, InputArray mask, InputArray mhi, double timestamp, double duration)
 Calculates a global motion orientation in a selected region. More...
void cv::motempl::calcMotionGradient (InputArray mhi, OutputArray mask, OutputArray orientation, double delta1, double delta2, int apertureSize=3)
 Calculates a gradient orientation of a motion history image. More...
void cv::motempl::segmentMotion (InputArray mhi, OutputArray segmask, std::vector< Rect > &boundingRects, double timestamp, double segThresh)
 Splits a motion history image into a few parts corresponding to separate independent motions (for example, left hand, right hand). More...
void cv::motempl::updateMotionHistory (InputArray silhouette, InputOutputArray mhi, double timestamp, double duration)
 Updates the motion history image by a moving silhouette. More...