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cuda.hpp File Reference
#include "opencv2/core.hpp"
#include "opencv2/core/cuda_types.hpp"
#include "opencv2/core/cuda.inl.hpp"


class  cv::cuda::GpuMat::Allocator
class  cv::cuda::BufferPool
 BufferPool for use with CUDA streams. More...
class  cv::cuda::DeviceInfo
 Class providing functionality for querying the specified GPU properties. More...
class  cv::cuda::Event
class  cv::cuda::GpuMat
 Base storage class for GPU memory with reference counting. More...
class  cv::cuda::HostMem
 Class with reference counting wrapping special memory type allocation functions from CUDA. More...
class  cv::cuda::Stream
 This class encapsulates a queue of asynchronous calls. More...
class  cv::cuda::TargetArchs
 Class providing a set of static methods to check what NVIDIA* card architecture the CUDA module was built for. More...




enum  cv::cuda::FeatureSet {
  cv::cuda::FEATURE_SET_COMPUTE_10 = 10,
  cv::cuda::FEATURE_SET_COMPUTE_11 = 11,
  cv::cuda::FEATURE_SET_COMPUTE_12 = 12,
  cv::cuda::FEATURE_SET_COMPUTE_13 = 13,
  cv::cuda::FEATURE_SET_COMPUTE_20 = 20,
  cv::cuda::FEATURE_SET_COMPUTE_21 = 21,
  cv::cuda::FEATURE_SET_COMPUTE_30 = 30,
  cv::cuda::FEATURE_SET_COMPUTE_32 = 32,
  cv::cuda::FEATURE_SET_COMPUTE_35 = 35,
  cv::cuda::FEATURE_SET_COMPUTE_50 = 50,
 Enumeration providing CUDA computing features. More...


void cv::cuda::convertFp16 (InputArray _src, OutputArray _dst, Stream &stream=Stream::Null())
 Converts an array to half precision floating number. More...
void cv::cuda::createContinuous (int rows, int cols, int type, OutputArray arr)
 Creates a continuous matrix. More...
bool cv::cuda::deviceSupports (FeatureSet feature_set)
 checks whether current device supports the given feature More...
void cv::cuda::ensureSizeIsEnough (int rows, int cols, int type, OutputArray arr)
 Ensures that the size of a matrix is big enough and the matrix has a proper type. More...
int cv::cuda::getCudaEnabledDeviceCount ()
 Returns the number of installed CUDA-enabled devices. More...
int cv::cuda::getDevice ()
 Returns the current device index set by cuda::setDevice or initialized by default. More...
void cv::cuda::printCudaDeviceInfo (int device)
void cv::cuda::printShortCudaDeviceInfo (int device)
void cv::cuda::registerPageLocked (Mat &m)
 Page-locks the memory of matrix and maps it for the device(s). More...
void cv::cuda::resetDevice ()
 Explicitly destroys and cleans up all resources associated with the current device in the current process. More...
void cv::cuda::setBufferPoolConfig (int deviceId, size_t stackSize, int stackCount)
void cv::cuda::setBufferPoolUsage (bool on)
 BufferPool management (must be called before Stream creation) More...
void cv::cuda::setDevice (int device)
 Sets a device and initializes it for the current thread. More...
void cv::cuda::unregisterPageLocked (Mat &m)
 Unmaps the memory of matrix and makes it pageable again. More...