OpenCV  3.4.20-dev
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NCVVectorReuse< T > Member List

This is the complete list of members for NCVVectorReuse< T >, including all inherited members.

_lengthNCVVector< T >protected
_memtypeNCVVector< T >protected
_ptrNCVVector< T >protected
clear()NCVVector< T >inline
copySolid(NCVVector< T > &dst, cudaStream_t cuStream, size_t howMuch=0) constNCVVector< T >inline
isMemReused() constNCVVectorReuse< T >inline
length() constNCVVector< T >inline
memType() constNCVVector< T >inline
NCVVector()NCVVector< T >inline
NCVVectorReuse(const NCVMemSegment &memSegment)NCVVectorReuse< T >inlineexplicit
NCVVectorReuse(const NCVMemSegment &memSegment, Ncv32u length_)NCVVectorReuse< T >inline
ptr() constNCVVector< T >inline
~NCVVector()NCVVector< T >inlinevirtual