OpenCV  3.4.0
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tracking.hpp File Reference
#include "opencv2/core.hpp"
#include "opencv2/imgproc.hpp"


class  cv::DenseOpticalFlow
class  cv::DualTVL1OpticalFlow
 "Dual TV L1" Optical Flow Algorithm. More...
class  cv::FarnebackOpticalFlow
 Class computing a dense optical flow using the Gunnar Farneback's algorithm. More...
class  cv::KalmanFilter
 Kalman filter class. More...
class  cv::SparseOpticalFlow
 Base interface for sparse optical flow algorithms. More...
class  cv::SparsePyrLKOpticalFlow
 Class used for calculating a sparse optical flow. More...




enum  {
enum  {
  cv::MOTION_AFFINE = 2,


int cv::buildOpticalFlowPyramid (InputArray img, OutputArrayOfArrays pyramid, Size winSize, int maxLevel, bool withDerivatives=true, int pyrBorder=BORDER_REFLECT_101, int derivBorder=BORDER_CONSTANT, bool tryReuseInputImage=true)
 Constructs the image pyramid which can be passed to calcOpticalFlowPyrLK. More...
void cv::calcOpticalFlowFarneback (InputArray prev, InputArray next, InputOutputArray flow, double pyr_scale, int levels, int winsize, int iterations, int poly_n, double poly_sigma, int flags)
 Computes a dense optical flow using the Gunnar Farneback's algorithm. More...
void cv::calcOpticalFlowPyrLK (InputArray prevImg, InputArray nextImg, InputArray prevPts, InputOutputArray nextPts, OutputArray status, OutputArray err, Size winSize=Size(21, 21), int maxLevel=3, TermCriteria criteria=TermCriteria(TermCriteria::COUNT+TermCriteria::EPS, 30, 0.01), int flags=0, double minEigThreshold=1e-4)
 Calculates an optical flow for a sparse feature set using the iterative Lucas-Kanade method with pyramids. More...
RotatedRect cv::CamShift (InputArray probImage, Rect &window, TermCriteria criteria)
 Finds an object center, size, and orientation. More...
Ptr< DualTVL1OpticalFlow > cv::createOptFlow_DualTVL1 ()
 Creates instance of cv::DenseOpticalFlow. More...
Mat cv::estimateRigidTransform (InputArray src, InputArray dst, bool fullAffine)
 Computes an optimal affine transformation between two 2D point sets. More...
double cv::findTransformECC (InputArray templateImage, InputArray inputImage, InputOutputArray warpMatrix, int motionType=MOTION_AFFINE, TermCriteria criteria=TermCriteria(TermCriteria::COUNT+TermCriteria::EPS, 50, 0.001), InputArray inputMask=noArray())
 Finds the geometric transform (warp) between two images in terms of the ECC criterion [46] . More...
int cv::meanShift (InputArray probImage, Rect &window, TermCriteria criteria)
 Finds an object on a back projection image. More...