OpenCV  3.0.0
Open Source Computer Vision
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struct  cv::datasets::cameraParam
class  cv::datasets::MSM_epfl
struct  cv::datasets::MSM_epflObj
class  cv::datasets::MSM_middlebury
struct  cv::datasets::MSM_middleburyObj

Detailed Description

EPFL Multi-View Stereo

Implements loading dataset:

"EPFL Multi-View Stereo":


  1. From link above download dataset files: castle_dense\castle_dense_large\castle_entry\fountain\herzjesu_dense\herzjesu_dense_large_bounding\cameras\images\p.tar.gz.
  2. Unpack them in separate folder for each object. For example, for "fountain", in folder fountain/ : fountain_dense_bounding.tar.gz -> bounding/, fountain_dense_cameras.tar.gz -> camera/, fountain_dense_images.tar.gz -> png/, fountain_dense_p.tar.gz -> P/
  3. To load data, for example, for "fountain", run:
    ./opencv/build/bin/example_datasets_msm_epfl -p=/home/user/path_to_unpacked_folder/fountain/

Stereo – Middlebury Computer Vision

Implements loading dataset:

"Stereo – Middlebury Computer Vision":


  1. From link above download dataset files: dino\dinoRing\dinoSparseRing\temple\templeRing\
  2. Unpack them.
  3. To load data, for example "temple" dataset, run:
    ./opencv/build/bin/example_datasets_msm_middlebury -p=/home/user/path_to_unpacked_folder/temple/