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cv::v_reg< _Tp, n > Member List

This is the complete list of members for cv::v_reg< _Tp, n >, including all inherited members.

abs_vec typedefcv::v_reg< _Tp, n >
all(_Tp s)cv::v_reg< _Tp, n >inlinestatic
get(const int i) const cv::v_reg< _Tp, n >inline
get0() const cv::v_reg< _Tp, n >inline
high() const cv::v_reg< _Tp, n >inline
int_vec typedefcv::v_reg< _Tp, n >
lane_type typedefcv::v_reg< _Tp, n >
nlanes enum valuecv::v_reg< _Tp, n >
reinterpret_as() const cv::v_reg< _Tp, n >inline
scv::v_reg< _Tp, n >
v_reg(const _Tp *ptr)cv::v_reg< _Tp, n >inlineexplicit
v_reg(_Tp s0, _Tp s1)cv::v_reg< _Tp, n >inline
v_reg(_Tp s0, _Tp s1, _Tp s2, _Tp s3)cv::v_reg< _Tp, n >inline
v_reg(_Tp s0, _Tp s1, _Tp s2, _Tp s3, _Tp s4, _Tp s5, _Tp s6, _Tp s7)cv::v_reg< _Tp, n >inline
v_reg(_Tp s0, _Tp s1, _Tp s2, _Tp s3, _Tp s4, _Tp s5, _Tp s6, _Tp s7, _Tp s8, _Tp s9, _Tp s10, _Tp s11, _Tp s12, _Tp s13, _Tp s14, _Tp s15)cv::v_reg< _Tp, n >inline
v_reg()cv::v_reg< _Tp, n >inline
v_reg(const v_reg< _Tp, n > &r)cv::v_reg< _Tp, n >inline
zero()cv::v_reg< _Tp, n >inlinestatic