OpenCV  3.0.0
Open Source Computer Vision
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cv::FileNode Member List

This is the complete list of members for cv::FileNode, including all inherited members.

begin() const cv::FileNode
EMPTY enum valuecv::FileNode
empty() const cv::FileNode
end() const cv::FileNode
FileNode(const CvFileStorage *fs, const CvFileNode *node)cv::FileNode
FileNode(const FileNode &node)cv::FileNode
FLOAT enum valuecv::FileNode
FLOW enum valuecv::FileNode
INT enum valuecv::FileNode
isInt() const cv::FileNode
isMap() const cv::FileNode
isNamed() const cv::FileNode
isNone() const cv::FileNode
isReal() const cv::FileNode
isSeq() const cv::FileNode
isString() const cv::FileNode
MAP enum valuecv::FileNode
name() const cv::FileNode
NAMED enum valuecv::FileNode
NONE enum valuecv::FileNode
operator double() const cv::FileNode
operator float() const cv::FileNode
operator std::string() const cv::FileNode
operator String() const cv::FileNode
operator*() const cv::FileNode
operator>>(const FileNode &n, _Tp &value)cv::FileNoderelated
operator>>(const FileNode &n, std::vector< _Tp > &vec)cv::FileNoderelated
operator[](const String &nodename) const cv::FileNode
operator[](const char *nodename) const cv::FileNode
operator[](int i) const cv::FileNode
read(const FileNode &node, int &value, int default_value)cv::FileNoderelated
read(const FileNode &node, float &value, float default_value)cv::FileNoderelated
read(const FileNode &node, double &value, double default_value)cv::FileNoderelated
read(const FileNode &node, String &value, const String &default_value)cv::FileNoderelated
read(const FileNode &node, Mat &mat, const Mat &default_mat=Mat())cv::FileNoderelated
read(const FileNode &node, SparseMat &mat, const SparseMat &default_mat=SparseMat())cv::FileNoderelated
read(const FileNode &node, std::vector< KeyPoint > &keypoints)cv::FileNoderelated
read(const FileNode &node, std::vector< DMatch > &matches)cv::FileNoderelated
read(const FileNode &node, Point_< _Tp > &value, const Point_< _Tp > &default_value)cv::FileNoderelated
read(const FileNode &node, Point3_< _Tp > &value, const Point3_< _Tp > &default_value)cv::FileNoderelated
read(const FileNode &node, Size_< _Tp > &value, const Size_< _Tp > &default_value)cv::FileNoderelated
read(const FileNode &node, Complex< _Tp > &value, const Complex< _Tp > &default_value)cv::FileNoderelated
read(const FileNode &node, Rect_< _Tp > &value, const Rect_< _Tp > &default_value)cv::FileNoderelated
read(const FileNode &node, Vec< _Tp, cn > &value, const Vec< _Tp, cn > &default_value)cv::FileNoderelated
read(const FileNode &node, Scalar_< _Tp > &value, const Scalar_< _Tp > &default_value)cv::FileNoderelated
read(const FileNode &node, Range &value, const Range &default_value)cv::FileNoderelated
read(const FileNode &node, bool &value, bool default_value)cv::FileNoderelated
read(const FileNode &node, uchar &value, uchar default_value)cv::FileNoderelated
read(const FileNode &node, schar &value, schar default_value)cv::FileNoderelated
read(const FileNode &node, ushort &value, ushort default_value)cv::FileNoderelated
read(const FileNode &node, short &value, short default_value)cv::FileNoderelated
read(FileNodeIterator &it, std::vector< _Tp > &vec, size_t maxCount=(size_t) INT_MAX)cv::FileNoderelated
read(const FileNode &node, std::vector< _Tp > &vec, const std::vector< _Tp > &default_value=std::vector< _Tp >())cv::FileNoderelated
readObj() const cv::FileNode
readRaw(const String &fmt, uchar *vec, size_t len) const cv::FileNode
REAL enum valuecv::FileNode
REF enum valuecv::FileNode
SEQ enum valuecv::FileNode
size() const cv::FileNode
STR enum valuecv::FileNode
STRING enum valuecv::FileNode
Type enum namecv::FileNode
type() const cv::FileNode
TYPE_MASK enum valuecv::FileNode
USER enum valuecv::FileNode