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Base Loader Callback Interface Implementation

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Loader Callback Interface

class LoaderCallbackInterface

Interface for a callback object in case of asynchronous initialization of OpenCV.

void onManagerConnected()

void onManagerConnected(int status)

Callback method that is called after OpenCV library initialization.

Parameters:status – status of initialization (see “Initialization Status Constants” section below).

void onPackageInstall()

void onPackageInstall(InstallCallbackInterface Callback)

Callback method that is called in case when package installation is needed.

Parameters:callback – answer object with install and cancel methods and package description.

Initialization status constants


OpenCV initialization finished successfully


Google Play (Android Market) application cannot be invoked


OpenCV library installation was cancelled by user


Version of OpenCV Manager is incompatible with this app. Manager update is needed.


OpenCV library initialization failed