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xphoto. Additional photo processing algorithms

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Image denoising techniques

Automatic white balance correction


C++: void balanceWhite(const Mat& src, Mat& dst, const int algorithmType, const float inputMin=0.0f, const float inputMax=255.0f, const float outputMin=0.0f, const float outputMax=255.0f)
The function implements different algorithm of automatic white balance, i.e. it tries to map image’s white color to perceptual white (this can be violated due to specific illumination or camera settings).
  • algorithmType – type of the algorithm to use. Use WHITE_BALANCE_SIMPLE to perform smart histogram adjustments (ignoring 4% pixels with minimal and maximal values) for each channel.
  • inputMin – minimum value in the input image
  • inputMax – maximum value in the input image
  • outputMin – minimum value in the output image
  • outputMax – maximum value in the output image