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Object Detection

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cudaarithm. CUDA-accelerated Operations on Matrices

Camera Calibration and 3D Reconstruction


Finds the object pose from 3D-2D point correspondences.

C++: void cuda::solvePnPRansac(const Mat& object, const Mat& image, const Mat& camera_mat, const Mat& dist_coef, Mat& rvec, Mat& tvec, bool use_extrinsic_guess=false, int num_iters=100, float max_dist=8.0, int min_inlier_count=100, vector<int>* inliers=NULL)
  • object – Single-row matrix of object points.
  • image – Single-row matrix of image points.
  • camera_mat – 3x3 matrix of intrinsic camera parameters.
  • dist_coef – Distortion coefficients. See undistortPoints() for details.
  • rvec – Output 3D rotation vector.
  • tvec – Output 3D translation vector.
  • use_extrinsic_guess – Flag to indicate that the function must use rvec and tvec as an initial transformation guess. It is not supported for now.
  • num_iters – Maximum number of RANSAC iterations.
  • max_dist – Euclidean distance threshold to detect whether point is inlier or not.
  • min_inlier_count – Flag to indicate that the function must stop if greater or equal number of inliers is achieved. It is not supported for now.
  • inliers – Output vector of inlier indices.

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