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Camera calibration with square chessboard

calib3d module. Camera calibration and 3D reconstruction

Although we got most of our images in a 2D format they do come from a 3D world. Here you will learn how to find out from the 2D images information about the 3D world.

  • CameraCalSqChess

    Title: Camera calibration with square chessboard

    Compatibility: > OpenCV 2.0

    Author: Victor Eruhimov

    You will use some chessboard images to calibrate your camera.

  • CameraCalibration

    Title: Camera calibration With OpenCV

    Compatibility: > OpenCV 2.0

    Author: Bernát Gábor

    Camera calibration by using either the chessboard, circle or the asymmetrical circle pattern. Get the images either from a camera attached, a video file or from an image collection.

  • PoseEstimation

    Title: Real Time pose estimation of a textured object

    Compatibility: > OpenCV 2.0

    Author: Edgar Riba

    Real time pose estimation of a textured object using ORB features, FlannBased matcher, PnP approach plus Ransac and Linear Kalman Filter to reject possible bad poses.