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Tries to estimate focal lengths from the given homography under the assumption that the camera undergoes rotations around its centre only.

C++: void detail::focalsFromHomography(const Mat& H, double& f0, double& f1, bool& f0_ok, bool& f1_ok)
  • H – Homography.
  • f0 – Estimated focal length along X axis.
  • f1 – Estimated focal length along Y axis.
  • f0_ok – True, if f0 was estimated successfully, false otherwise.
  • f1_ok – True, if f1 was estimated successfully, false otherwise.


Estimates focal lengths for each given camera.

C++: void detail::estimateFocal(const std::vector<ImageFeatures>& features, const std::vector<MatchesInfo>& pairwise_matches, std::vector<double>& focals)
  • features – Features of images.
  • pairwise_matches – Matches between all image pairs.
  • focals – Estimated focal lengths for each camera.